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Time Line
17 Jan 2021: Few days ago Tandav Web Series was released on Amazon Prime Video platform. This film was directed by Abbas Ali Zafar. Where Shiva was being insulted by a co-actor Mohammed Zeeshan. Zeeshan was dressed like an anti-christ look and spoke Fu*k like abusive word.  Youtube

20 Jan 2021:  Aninda Chatterjee a Tollywood musician told in APB Ananda News Debate platform that, "I can eat chiken in the eve of  Durga Ashtami and beef in occasion of Durga Navami. That is my personal Choice and No one had must have any objections." 

Tarun Jyoti Replied, "It is your Personal choice whatever you eat I have no objection. But can you please keep the same statment to your secular muslim brother that you enjoy pork on Eid. Simultaneously!."

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