The controversial film "The Kerala Story" has reportedly been banned in Britain.

Kerala Story banned in Britain

According to our source, The controversial film "The Kerala Story" has reportedly been banned in Britain, prompting speculation that politics may be behind the decision. The movie, which is centered around the topics of anti-terrorism and women's rights in Kerala, tells the story of three young women who are brainwashed and sent to Syria through Pakistan to carry out terrorist activities.

According to reports, the film is ban in Britain was met with outrage and disbelief by supporters of the movie. Many have suggested that the decision to ban the film may be politically motivated, with some speculating that it could be an attempt to suppress the movie's message of women's injustices in India and expose the dark side of Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Despite the controversy surrounding the film, supporters argue that it is an important and timely piece of work that sheds light on the complex issues of terrorism and women's rights in India. They argue that the movie is not meant to promote any particular political agenda, but rather to educate and inform viewers about the realities of these important issues.

However, some critics have argued that the film's depiction of women's rights and terrorism in Kerala may be overly sensationalized and could be seen as insulting to the people of the region. They also suggest that the film could be seen as a form of propaganda that seeks to promote a particular political agenda.

Overall, the banning of "The Kerala Story" in Britain has sparked a heated debate about the role of political censorship in film and media, as well as the complex issues of women's rights and terrorism in India. While the controversy surrounding the movie is likely to continue, it remains to be seen whether the ban will be lifted or if the film will be allowed to be shown in other countries.

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