After Watching The Kerala Story, Hindu Girl Ends Relationship With Atiq Syed.

According to News Streams report, Atiq Syed, an Indian muslim guy, resident of the Bharuch station area, registered his marriage to a Hindu girl who lives in the Shaktinath area around a year ago. She doesn't want to keep relationship with Atiq and alleges she was tricked into registering the marriage. 🤨 Atiq is worried about giving up on the girl, though. 

Atiq is now claiming to have converted from Islam to Hindu Dharma after splitting up with the Hindu female. On social media, Atiq publishes pictures of himself wearing a tilak and claims to have adapted his name to Aarab Parmar.

The Kerala Story is not only raking in substantial amounts at the box office; it is also raising awareness among Hindu girls about the risks of 'Grooming Jihad' (also termed as Love Jihad), conversions, and Islamic brainwash. In Gujarat's Bharuch, where a Hindu girl (Name not disclose) ended her love affair with a Muslim guy Atiq Syed who is now claiming to have converted a Hindu, the impact of the film was evident.

He posted on social media about transforming to Hinduism after having a dream-experience of Lord Shiva. The girl, on the other side, asserts that after watching the movie The Kerala Story, she sensed her mistake. She strongly refused to continue to live with Atiq. 

The girl is being coerced into staying with Atiq, on the other hand. The young woman acknowledged the mistake she had made to her parents. On other hand, Film Critics of Leftist and Islamophilic activities are on their stand to ban the Kerala Story Film.

The Hindu girl told her parents about how Atiq manipulated her and got married to him. According to the allegations, Atiq is not only pretending to be a Hindu but also preparing to commit suicide in order to persuade the Hindu girl to stay with him.

According to opindia's website reports, Atiq showed up at the girl's house and forced the girl to go with him by pretending to take harmful medication. Atiq Syed has also been charged by the girl's relatives with verbally abusing the girl's emotions.

Such incidents are happening in different parts of India. Where Muslim youths have ruined the lives of many women in their false love trap. Many leftist activist cum Youtubers like Dhruv Rathe, Bhakt Banarjee ( Stages name ) normalizes such incidents negligible. 

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