INS Dronacharya

The Indian Navy’s INS Dronacharya is a gunnery school located in Kochi, Kerala. The school has been in process since 1975 and is liable for acquainting officers and ratings in various areas such as small-arms, naval missiles, artillery, radar, and defensive counter measures. It recently accepted the President's Colour.

The President’s Colour

President’s Colour is the highest privilege that the President bestows on a a squadron for extraordinary honor to the country. The medal is given in distinction of the unit’s extraordinary enactment in functioning and activity tasks.

The Indian Navy’s INS Dronacharya

Training for Excellence

INS Dronacharya has a state-of-the-art qualifying infrastructure that comprises simulators, computer-based activity strategies, and live shot meanders. The school has a a crew of favorably authorized and trained educators who provide hands-on training to the trainees.

The school trains about 820 officers and 2100 ratings per year in distinct fields. Its curriculum contains hypothesis classes, practical workout, and live firing trainings. The training concentrates on developing the trainees’ ability in operating and preserving distinct kinds of weapons and equipment.

Separated from Indian Navy personnel, INS Dronacharya also acquaints personnel from Coast Guard, paramilitary, and police forces. The school has also acquainted naval personnel from agreeable countries such as Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Mauritius.

Nodal Center for Training Sagar Prahari Bal

INS Dronacharya is also the nodal hub for training Sagar Prahari Bal. Sagar Prahari Bal is a a unique force that was developed to deliver security to India’s offshore assets and the country’s whole economic zone. The force is liable for defending India’s offshore oil buildings, ports, and other critical assets.

The school’s role as a nodal center for training Sagar Prahari Bal is a testament to its commitment to excellence. The school provides specialized training to the force, which includes swimming, diving, and other maritime-related skills.

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