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Vedic Science of anciant india


If someone says that sages were scientists in ancient time, many people today would laugh. To most of us, White-skinned foreigners are only claim to be scientists. And our idea is that a scientist must know how to speak English properly. Not only that, we have received the highest honors in the world from abroad such as Nobel prize, Oscar etc. Not only today's people, Raja Maharajas of our country was also attracted to these foreigners that they preferred to act like Foreigne life style rather than their own culture. The only reason for this is luxury. We prefer what is readily available and luxurious. Not all the kings of India but some kings lost their nobility to enjoy this luxurious life.

Culturele Heritage and science of India:

Architecture and sculpture in India is one of the best in the world. The iron pillar near the Qutub Minar one of the examples of Indian chemist technology. The Jantar Mantar site in Delhi still gives an accurate description of Indian times. The Ayurvedic scriptures of India are still alive and the whole world has started returning to this Ayurveda. Wherever Unani and other medical scriptures are extinct. Because there was no basis behind all those medical procedures. In the 13 to 14th centuris, in the Western countris, people used to cut their own arteries and draw blood to cure the disease. Because their Unani idea was that, when the blood of the body becomes contaminated, the disease occurs. So it was their doctrine that the body could be healed by removing the contaminated blood from the body.

Surya-Siddhanta (Mathematics and Astronomy)

 Ancient Hindu Astrological Text Surya-Siddhanta is an evidence of rich cultural heritage of India. Surya-Siddhanta latterly means 'Laws of Sun'. This is a very old text. 

Vaiseshik-Shastra (Meta Physics)

Vaiseshik Shastra is very old Hindu text which says about sub-atomic particles and there attributes. This scripture was written by Rishi Kanad. He proposed 4 types of sub-atomic particles existing and their combination makes different types of Materials. To know more please click here.

Bastu Shastra (Architecture)

Bastu Shastra is also a very old Architectural technology of India. Which is also available most scientific explanation for making Home and Cassel. 

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