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What is Mixamo? Free Character Rigging And Animation Creating Website

Mixamo : 

Mixamo was a paid program, but after Mixamo is bought by Adobe, it become free program and we can use it mainly for create rig and various different type of animation for your Human or similar type of 3D character.

In maximo, there are almost 2500+ animation content are there. You can make your character in any 3D program and export that as a .OBJ format and upload in Mixamo website, then after do some simple step to rig that and then choose animation and export that from mixamo and your character is rigged with animation. you also do only rig the character without having animation on that.
Only one major problem here, it is the rig will be very simple rig, it have no funtion as complicative rig. For example facial rig, finger rig etc.
At the end this program is now for free, so it is worth to cheek it. 

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