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What is Humblebundle? Inde Game Developer's one of the useful resource place

 What is Humblebundle.com?

humblebundle.com is a game development resource focus website where you can find Gaming music, E-books, in future they will update and add more content. Here E-books are very special because here you can find game development base books, scripting base book, hacking base books, Programming learning base books, VFX learning base books etc.

Here you find game focus base music, just like game's background music. Here you can find all type of music like Horror music, scifi music, legendary music, epic music etc. But when ever you will buy these thing, you should cheek out the license conditions.

Here you can find various type of discount package in allover the year. If you are a indie game dev, It is worth to cheek out there content. All content are paid, in the time of payment you can choose % of your payment how much will go for charity, creator, affiliate person (If exist).

Link : https://www.humblebundle.com/?hmb_source=navbar

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