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What is HDRI? How can we use this HDRI for Rendering Images?


HDRI full from is High dynamic range image.  This can create a round shape world with that information. Here you will know about HDRI uses in blender and what is Easy HDRI addon and where you will get free and high quality HDRI for your projects.

How can we use HDRI?

This is mainly use for render a scene as a images and video. For example in Blender or other 3D software it can used to render your 3D objects for any specific scene. 

How can use HDRI in Blender?

In Blender (A free 3D Program), we can use HDRI to render a image or we use this HDRI to lighting our scene, For example when I put a day light base forest HDRI, it will be lighting the scene as a day light scene, also if I choose night time HDRI, it will be use as a night time base lighting on the scene, same will be applied for other scene. In Blender or other 3D program, You will have specific section to upload HDRI, and in Node editor you will get some settings to HDRI Median point to go up or down at the scene. Also in Blender, there will be mainly two different engine, One is Evee and another is Cycle, Cycle is a ray tracing engine, you can have realistic shorts on Cycle engine.

What is Easy HDRI addon in Blender?

Easy HDRI is a addon which is made for Blender. After installing this addon, you can directly and very easy add any HDRI folder there, you can change loaded HDRI scene in one click. Also this add is Free.

Link : https://codeofart.com/easy-hdri-2-8/

Where from you can get free high quality HDRI for your projects?

You can get HDRI heaven website, all necessary free HDRI for you project, also in the internet you can find many paid website for your project.

Link : https://hdrihaven.com/hdris/

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