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Slevary is not Das_Pratha Indian Culture


   This is the age of advertising. The more times a thing is shown to people, the more people will accept that thing as true. People accept anything as true when they are repeatedly shown the same thing. It happens because those things leave an impression on the human subconscious mind. Those who control this subconscious mind can control the whole world. This has happened with the culture and history of India and people are still being misunderstood.  Changing a word changes the whole meaning. Writing a word in a distorted way distorts the whole sentence.


     The Sanskrit word 'Das' and the English word 'slave'  are not same. The Sanskrit word 'Ardhangini' and the English word 'wife' are not one thing.  Because every word is associated with its culture and there is a expression of feelings in that word.


British Slavery
     The word slave is used for people who were bought from the market with money. And his lord ruled over him. Slave is a person who is under the another person completely. You can say, A person who is slaves to another person is his property. Slavery is not voluntary or willingly.

Dasa / Das:

     On the other hand, Dasa is Voluntarily engages himself in the service of others. A word used as  'Dasanudas' ―  which is literally meant slave of slave. Can a slave ever have a slave? answer is 'NO'. because a slave never afford a slave. that's why we need to understand the actual meaning of Dasa as described in our Indian texts. 

    Here in indian culture, it is said to serve man in order to serve God. Literally what we think of as 'Das' in Sanskrit is serving our guru and elders as a God with devotion. there are 


Ram Das:                      Devoted to Ram
Krishna Das:              Devoted to Krishna
Hari Das:                      Devoted to Hari.
Gour Gopal Das:         Devoted to Gour Chaitanya.
Gobinda Das:              Devoted to Govinda (krishna)


The difference between Das and Slave is,  'Das' is voluntarily submission. Where 'Slavery' is by force occupying all rights and authority.

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